Monday, October 22, 2007

University of Missouri ("Mizzou") - Epsilon Alpha Chapter

  • Mizzou House 1922

  • Mizzou 1927

  • Mizzou 1935

  • Mizzou 1936
  • 1941
  • 508 Rollins Avenue
  • Delta Tau Delta purchased 506 & 508 Rollins and knocked down this house to make way for a new one with a 506 address.

  • Mizzou 1950
  • Stayed here until we built the Curtis Avenue House in 1963

  • We built this house (908 Curtis Ave) in 1963 and stayed there until 1976.
  • Pi Kappa Phi rented it from 1976-81 and then we took it back from 1981-93 when we re-colonized.
  • Sigma Kappa bought it from us in 1993-ish after we left campus for the second time.
  • Sigma Kappa remodeled and added columns. 
  • Sigma Kappa closed and PiKapp moved in on August 1, 2006 (they re-chartered).

  • View of the front door after PiKapp moved back in.
  • View from the left side.

  •   This is a view of the 908 house from 1983, before those beautimous columns were added. Looks a lil' different, huh? (Thank you for the picture, Vicki!)
    • Alpha Gam was at Mizzou from 1922-76;1981-May 1993
    • Chapter Installed 6/1/1922
    • 908 Curtis Avenue
    • Columbia, MO
    • Chapter Inactive


    Vicki Smith said...

    EA (Mizzou) did recolonize in the fall 1981, receiving back its charter in January 1982. The chapter did, however, stay on campus until the early'90s -- it didn't close in 88 as you state. I know it was still open in the 90-91 school year (I was an adviser to the house) and I think it didn't close until '92 or '93. I have some pictures of the 908 Curtis house from the 80's if you are interested.

    Unknown said...

    I'd love them! Please email to

    Vicki Smith said...

    pics e-mailed! This is a great blog and I've shared it on Facebook with the EA Mizzou AGD groups.

    Unknown said...

    Email from Vicki Smith:
    "Saw the blog with the pictures of the chapter house. I also posted a comment, but since posting have confirmed the dates. You are correct that the house was re-colonized in 1981 and we received the charter back in January 1982, but the EA chapter did NOT close in 1998. It closed at the end of the 92-93 school year – May 1993. I was a chapter adviser in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I do have a picture of the outside of the chapter house from 1983 – it is attached. (I’m the dork in the cap and gown sitting on the wall)."

    Nann said...

    Sigma Kappa recolonized in 2012. They extensively remodeled the house for occupancy in fall, 2013.(I visited in 2011 when the PiKapps still lived there. The bedrooms were in pretty rough shape but the Armstrong "terrazzo" vinyl flooring (oh-so-modern in 1964) was still there.)