Friday, October 19, 2007

University of Georgia - Gamma Alpha Chapter

Click the link above to see the progress on the new "new" part of the house!

  • March 2009. Athens got 6" of snow!

  • 530 South Milledge Avenue Athens, Georgia
  • Built in 1896
  • "The Wedding Cake House"
  • Houses 52 sisters
  • Chapter founded in 1923 and we purchased the house in the 1930's
  • Gamma Alpha occupied 2 other houses prior to this one.

  • Picture taken in the Summer of 2007, shortly after the entire house was stripped and painted (last time it was painted was in the 70's). Don't worry, the letters were put back on :) However, they are slightly different.
  • The house had lead paint so it had to be stripped, down to the wood, before it could be painted. Was that expensive? YES.
  • Want to see ALL of the before, during, and after pictures? Go here:
  • {Click Here} to view a virtual tour of the house.
  • Here are a few pictures of the "touch ups" we did inside the "old" part in 2011:

  •  View of the foyer from the Gentleman's Parlor. 

  •  Upstairs bathroom (across from Hideaway, my old room). You may recall this bathroom as the one that had the claw-foot tub.

  •  Upstairs bathroom across from Jungle.

  •  Ladies' Parlor (and the "Fish Closet" to the back right).

  • Below are pictures from Bid Day 2007. The house is so pretty!

  • The above picture is an artist's rendering of updates to the "new part" (added in the 50's) of the house, which will be completed next year. The old "new part" will be torn down in May and construction will be completed by January 2013. There will not be any changes made to the "old part" of the house.
    • The bedroom floor will be on the same level as the current upstairs of the original house, rather than down half a flight of stairs. 
    • The laundry room will be moved upstairs and the back room of the old part of the house will be reconfigured. 
    • The chapter room will be expanded (hallelujah!), as well as the kitchen.
    • Two ADA compliant bedrooms will be added to the chapter room level (and will also be available for chapter visitors).

  • 1932

  • 1937
  • 1938

  • Old house later occupied by AEPi. Picture from 1942 yearbook.
  • Current house in 1950 yearbook.

  • Watercolor of current house.
  • Chapter Installed 5/29/1923
  • 530 South Milledge Avenue
  • Athens, GA 30605
  • Chapter Active


Anonymous said...

Yay Gamma Alpha and GO DAWGS!

Unknown said...

I second that! SIC 'EM!

Jami said...

These pictures are from the Bid Day I planned! Such a fun day :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hey there- I went to UGA too! Don't forget to vote for AGD on the Lilly Pulitzer page this week.